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A street vendor selling Durian in the China town district of Bangkok. Never tried it but it certainly has an acquired scent. I always feel like it will taste like Jacfruit, a very similar looking fruit which I happen to adore but the aforementioned scent stops me in my tracks.  


Growing up in a city like Mumbai you get used to the pace of life. Always in a rush, always on the go. Coming back to it after a decade its definitely picked up the pace whilst maintaining its charm. There's no place like home.  


The island of Chorao, a bird sanctuary in North Goa which also happens to be where I spent most of my summer holidays. Bored out of my brains as a child but I can't seem to get enough of it now. Its amazing how we take things for granted when we are kids. 

Jefferson PiresGoa, India, Chorao

Always been a sucker for bread. These sweet bread or 'Poi's' as they are called are my favourite. The fact they are 6 for 20p does't make resisting them easy. Heated in an oven, toasted and smothered in butter they make breakfast that much sweeter. 


Breathgrasping view, terrible service. That's how I would describe my experience at the Vertigo & Moon Bar in Bangkok, Thailand. Never been that high up in a man made structure before. I would recommend it but don't expect good service and wallet friendly prices for that matter. 


People often sneer at street food. It's unhygienic they say. And to an extent I can get that. But I would always trust an open kitchen like the one above where I can exactly what is going in my food and how clean it is than a kitchen tucked away in the back.  

Bangkok, Thailand


It is truly in the monsoons that the Indian sub-continent is reborn. Swathes of brown from the burnt summer give way to deep fluorescent shades of green. The change is even visible from outer space.  

North Goa, India